Summer Skills Academy

60 Minute Small Group Workouts on Tuesday’s

Welcome to our skills sessions designed to cater to players of varying levels, from recreational to travel level, with a focus on structured improvement in fundamental skills. Led by Jim Garcia and experienced coaches, each small group session is tailored to the specific needs of players, ensuring a productive and enriching learning environment. Spots are limited. Players will be separated at a basket by age and ability.

Key highlights of our skills sessions:

  1. Inclusive Skill Levels: Our sessions cater to players across the spectrum, including recreational, developmental, CAL, and travel level players. To maximize the learning experience, players are grouped according to their skill level, allowing for targeted instruction and development.
  2. Structured Skill Development: We emphasize the importance of structured skill development in our sessions. Through carefully designed drills and exercises, players are guided through the fundamentals of shooting form, ball handling skills with both hands, and effective movement without the ball.
  3. Expert Coaching Guidance: Our experienced coaches provide expert guidance and instruction, ensuring that each player receives personalized feedback and support to enhance their skills. Coaches are dedicated to fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere that promotes growth and development.
  4. Focus on Fundamentals: We prioritize the fundamentals of basketball, emphasizing proper shooting form, ball handling techniques, and strategic movement without the ball. By mastering these foundational skills, players can build a solid base for future growth and success on the court.
  5. Small Group Setting: Sessions are conducted in small groups to facilitate individualized attention and interaction between players and coaches. This enables players to receive targeted instruction and feedback tailored to their specific needs and skill levels.
  6. Structured Curriculum: Our sessions follow a structured curriculum that progressively builds upon skills and techniques. Players can  work towards achieving their personal goals under the guidance of our experienced coaching staff.

Whether you’re looking to refine your skills for recreational play or elevate your game to the travel level, our skills sessions provide a supportive and enriching environment for players to develop and excel. Join us and take your basketball skills to the next level!

Jim Garcia: Chairman of the Advisory Board for Warwick Youth Basketball. Jim will be the Business teacher at Bishop Hendricken High School in the fall, the Warwick Veterans Middle School Head Girls Basketball Coach, and has won multiple travel basketball state championships over the last few seasons with this boys and girls teams. He is also a former Assistant Boys Basketball Coach at Warwick Veterans High School.

QUESTIONS: Please email Eric Simonelli:


7:15 Warm-up/conditioning
7:25 Ball handling and finishing
7:40 Shooting and moving without the ball
7:50 Individual offense
8:00 3 on 3 half court
8:15 Wrap – up